Posted on: Feb 02 2012

Qdoba has made a name for itself by serving up Mexican cuisine that’s also quite tasty. Our customers always comment on how fresh the food is and for good reason – even the guacamole is homemade and made daily. We’ve found them to be a good choice for groups of 10 to 20 people and up because their catering menu is comprised mostly of buffet-style options.

One of our favorites is the Hot Naked Burrito Bar. It takes the carb-conscious approach of offering all the items you expect with a burrito bar — including your choice of meat and beans, cilantro lime rice, cheese and sour cream, and an assortment of salsas and guacamole — without the tortillas. Tortilla chips are included for those searching for a carb fix, and you can simply (and cheaply) order tortillas for those in your group who want them. Just sit and imagine all of the long-suffering, uneaten tortillas that now have a chance to fulfill their destiny thanks to Qdoba!

Another good option from the Qdoba menu is their deservedly popular 3-Cheese Queso. Not only is it killer, but it also has a great price point. When it comes to sides, note that you have to make sure that you add any sides of rice and beans, as they are not included with most of Qdoba’s catering packages. But you do get plenty of servings for your extra dollars.