Feb 21 2018
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ezCater Office Hero of the Year LogoWe all know people who get stuff done no matter what stands in their way. They make our businesses run, overcoming any challenge, with a smile on their face. They’re office heroes, and they make the impossible possible. To mark Administrative Professionals Day on April 25th, we’d like to recognize these office heroes with ezCater’s annual Office Hero of the Year Award.

Who Is An Office Hero?

An Office Hero is someone who gets stuff done, no matter what stands in their way. They perform the impossible without a flinch. Office Heroes aren’t strangers to last minute requests. They go above and beyond to get the job done. They positively impact their organization on a daily basis by making everyone’s lives run easier.

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What is the Office Hero of the Year Prize?

In addition to being ezCater’s Office Hero of the Year, the winner will receive a $200 Amazon Gift Card and lunch for the office from ezCater delivered in their honor.* The finalists will be featured on ezCater’s blog.

*Winning office lunch will be for a maximum of 100 people at $15 per person.

Meet Our Previous Winners

office hero award

Alicia Carelli, 2017 Office Hero of the Year

“Alicia enables EVERYONE in the center to function effectively by keeping Bill on task, maximizing his time to accomplish everything he needs to do, and ensuring staff have the info they need to do their jobs. Our office would be absolutely lost without her.”

Find out more about Alicia here.

office hero award

Dana Brown, 2016 Office Hero of the Year

“On [Dana’s] first day in the office it was brought to her attention that the previous Office Coordinator hadn’t pre-ordered lunch, which meant that 70+ people were about to go without the lunch that was promised to them that day. Now, to most people that would have been a disaster, but not to Dana. She is a quick-thinking hard worker who came up with the idea to order a bunch of Jimmy John’s subs with chips, cookies, and pickles so everyone could eat. Who knew that in her first day she’d already be the office hero Weebly had been dreaming about since opening the Scottsdale office in 2014!”

Find out more about Dana here.

Nominate Your Office Hero

Our 2018 Office Hero of the Year Finalists have been selected! Vote for your favorite Office Hero of the Year here!

Guidelines/Rules for Office Hero Nominations

All completed applications must be submitted by Monday, April 2. Heroic acts must have been performed between January 2017 and March 2018. Submissions will be judged on story quality and the impact the nominee had on an organization or individual(s). The finalists will be announced on Monday, April 2. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, April 25. Max three submissions per person. Nominees will be notified that they have been nominated for the award.

ezCater owns all rights to the content in this application. The content may be used in whole or in part for any and all purposes in any manner or media.

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