Feb 28 2018
Sarah Gurr
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Even if you do it a hundred times, planning a catered event is always a tedious endeavor. There’s the timing, the guest list, the theme, and, of course, the food to think about. As your team grows, so does your list of dietary accommodations you must address. Dietary restrictions are more common now than ever before. In fact, statistics suggest you probably have at least one or two coworkers with specific food needs in your office right now.

Catering to a number of different dietary requests takes considerable planning, time, and effort. But advanced notice is a luxury busy office ninjas are rarely afforded. Those living with dietary restrictions are used to bringing their own meals to parties, inquiring about the ingredients list, and leaving an event hungry when the menu doesn’t accommodate them. But it is possible to stay within budget and provide a catering menu that satisfies everyone on the team, big or small. Offices who can effectively navigate dietary restrictions when planning their next catered event stand the most chance of success. Those who can’t will surely hear about it via feedback forums later on.

Thinking ahead and capitalizing on all resources available to you will save both time and money. Below, we outline a few tips to help you plan and order a customizable menu that benefits even the pickiest team members. Follow our 5-step checklist for how to navigate dietary restrictions effectively. Trust us, ordering food at work has never been this easy — or delicious.  

Navigating dietary restrictions when planning catering

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Sarah Gurr

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Sarah Gurr

Sarah Gurr is the Head of Content Marketing for ezCater. After managing digital marketing for pizza and sandwich chains, Sarah now focuses on providing insanely helpful information to ezCater’s customers and partners. When she’s not managing the ezCater blog, she’s baking new recipes and trying new restaurants in and around Boston.

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