Jan 30 2019
Jenn Mar
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Pizza worship has swept the nation, and on National Pizza Day we can give thanks to our favorite pies—a little cheesy, a little saucy, and topped with whatever you need to get stoked. Pizza is one of the most satisfying food of choice for people of every age and office department. It’s so simple, affordable, and versatile. From coal-fired pizzas to pies with a cracker-thin crust, there are so many pizza scenarios we could talk about—and you can’t go wrong with any of them. If you and your coworkers are obsessed with pizza, then take our pizza personality quiz, called “What Kind of Pizza Is Your Office.” The quiz will reveal some pretty deep (and not so deep) truths about your office. Don’t forget to tell your coworkers to take the pizza quiz, too.

Check out our favorite pies—screaming hot, crisp, and oh-so cheesy.

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Jenn Mar

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Jenn Mar

Jenn Mar is senior digital editor at ezCater. She's anchored by crusty donuts and tingly “biang biang” noodles.

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