Jan 09 2018
Sarah Gurr
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What goes on behind the scenes in a restaurant kitchen? Are “secret” ingredients really that secret? How do chefs make thousands of appetizers look and taste exactly the same? And how can you find out what a caterer’s menu actually looks like before you order? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more on Kitchen Edition.

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Kitchen Edition is a new video series from ezCater that takes you around the country and inside some of the most exciting restaurant kitchens in the U.S. Our host Laura Jacobs will be cooking and chatting with chefs to learn their kitchen secrets. You’ll discover their favorite catering recipes and what’s driving their catering success.

In each episode, you’ll meet chefs inside their restaurant kitchens. They’ll walk you through exactly how they make their food. They’ll explain the ins and outs of their businesses. And most importantly, you’ll get an insider’s look into some of their favorite dishes. They’re so good, you can almost taste them too.

We kick things off in Chicago with Vikram Singh, chef and owner of Kama Bistro, in La Grange, Illinois. Chef Singh will show you how chicken tikka masala is made, and what tikka means exactly. Stay tuned for our first episode of Kitchen Edition.

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Sarah Gurr

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Sarah Gurr

Sarah Gurr is the Head of Content Marketing for ezCater. After managing digital marketing for pizza and sandwich chains, Sarah now focuses on providing insanely helpful information to ezCater’s customers and partners. When she’s not managing the ezCater blog, she’s baking new recipes and trying new restaurants in and around Boston.

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