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Tropical Smoothie Café opened in Tallahassee, Florida, in 1997 with one goal: to be the go-to destination for flavor and fun. They combine a vacation-like atmosphere with affordable, healthy menu items, like veggie bowls, flatbreads, and—of course—fresh fruit smoothies.

With more than 600 locations across the U.S. and growing, Tropical Smoothie Café catering makes it easy for your colleagues to eat better and feel better—without maxing out your budget for catered breakfast or lunch meetings. Here’s what makes their catering menu special.

Amp up your next lunch order with Tropical Smoothie Café's healthy, flavorful catering options for the office.

Wholesome Food Throughout the Day

As a wellness-focused brand, Tropical Smoothie Café attracts catering customers who want to eat healthy, flavorful foods. But their menu sets itself apart by offering more than smoothies and salads—there are substantial sandwiches, delicious wraps, and protein-filled salads to consider, too.

“We give you the option to enjoy wholesome food throughout the day,” explains Lindsay Holl, Tropical Smoothie Café’s manager of off-premise sales. “You can come in for a smoothie on your way into work, then you could come back and have a bowl at lunch, or you could have your children’s party catered in the evening with some of our healthier options,” she suggests.

With their easy-to-order sandwich and wrap trays, group salads, and vibrant sides of kale and apple slaw, you can feed a crowded office in a snap. Their box lunches are perfect for small meetings or for revving up your lunch-and-learn crowd.

Need an alternative to carb-heavy breakfast catering, or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up for everyone at the staff meeting? A round of Tropical Smoothie Café’s superfood smoothies makes for a perfect healthy catering option.

Amp up your next lunch order with Tropical Smoothie Café's healthy, flavorful catering options for the office.

Guilt-Free Desserts, Delivered

Tropical Smoothie Café knows its catering customers need wiggle room in their diets. Sometimes there’s even a special occasion to celebrate at the office. Which is why you’ll find ever-so-slightly extravagant items on the menu that won’t make you feel bad for indulging.

“Even if you’re not looking to truly maintain that healthy lifestyle at all times, we have some fun indulgences, like our Peanut Paradise Smoothie, or a Bahama Mama Smoothie,” says Holl. “There’s something for everybody.”

Every smoothie is made with Tropical Smoothie Café’s signature fresh ingredients, and they’re easy to add to your catering order, too.

Amp up your next lunch order with Tropical Smoothie Café's healthy, flavorful catering options for the office.

Popular Dishes

Ordering a lunch buffet that satisfies big appetites and ticks all the boxes on your corporate wellness guide is never simple. But with Tropical Smoothie Café catering, healthy buffet-style lunches get an upgrade. Their party tray gives you plenty of options to choose from, including sandwiches and wraps, as well as big flavors.

To feel the island breeze, try their tropical chicken salad, with roasted pineapple salsa, cashews, mixed greens, and jerk mayo on soft, chewy ciabatta. Or opt for a group salad, like their thai chicken with plenty of fixings for flavor and texture, like sesame seeds and peanut dressing.

Planning a meeting or conference? Tropical Smoothie Café also offers deluxe box lunches featuring all their classic sandwich and wrap choices, chips, and a dessert. Round out your catering order with a healthy helping of kale and apple slaw or citrus slaw, in order to expand options for vegetarian and gluten-free eaters.

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Portion-Size Guide

Scale up your party tray for a big buffet, or surprise your colleagues with tasty smoothies for an individualized treat. Whatever your catering needs, Tropical Smoothie Café makes it easy to order the perfect amount of food for your event.

Here’s how it works:

  • Deluxe box lunches and party trays (serve 10)
  • Salads packed with protein and veggies (serve 8)
  • Vibrant sides and slaws (serve 8)
  • Fruit-filled smoothies (serve 1 happy guest each)

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