Sep 07 2017
Sarah Gurr
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Every Monday you arrive at the office at 8:30 so you can set up for the week before the rest of the office comes in at 9 am. But as soon as you sit down at your desk, like clockwork, you can count on being interrupted by a particular coworker who wants to catch up after the weekend. You know he has other things to be working on, like that project plan assigned to him during the staff meeting last week, and you have things you need to get to as well. So how can you redirect him?

No office is perfect. Whether you work in an open office space or one full of conference rooms, you probably encounter a few difficult coworkers throughout your day. But every office has great personalities to work with as well.

Emotional intelligence is one of the top skills employees will need to have in 2020, according to The World Economic Forum’s recent report, “The Future of Jobs”. For today’s admins, a big part of being emotionally intelligent is effectively working and dealing with different coworkers. Understanding what makes your coworkers tick allows you to better read, and potentially diffuse, situations, build relationships, and facilitate connections, making you even more effective.

Below are 10 common difficult and not-so-difficult coworker personalities you’ll encounter at work, and tips for how to deal with each of them.

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Sarah Gurr

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Sarah Gurr

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