Jun 22 2016
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Since Boston natives Patrick Lynch and Ali Fong won the City of Boston’s Food Truck contest in 2011, their delicious Vietnamese-inspired dishes have become a city staple. With six food trucks and five restaurants covering everywhere from Fort Point to Chestnut Hill, chances are that you’re never too far from an unforgettable banh mi, rice bowl, or salad.

We spoke to Catering Manager Corinne Ray about Bon Me’s famous deviled tea eggs, the competitive nature of Red Sox Nation’s restaurant industry, and what makes Bon Me’s food unique.

Bon Me Boston

Q: How did Bon Me first get started with catering?

A: We started doing catering because, naturally, people started wanting it delivered.


Q: What makes food and the restaurant industry in Boston unique?

A: The food and the restaurant industry in Boston is unique because Boston is filled with people of many different backgrounds and cultures. We have access to fresh food, and are always striving to be on top of the next trend.

Bon Me Deviled Tea Eggs

Q: What’s your favorite dish at your restaurant?

A: Deviled tea egg! 


Q: What do you predict for the future of Boston’s restaurant industry?

A: Since we are in Patriots/Red Sox Nation, we are naturally very competitive people! I predict because of this competition, Boston’s restaurant industry is going to continue to strive for perfection, while having a diverse selection of places to eat.


Q: What makes your food unique?

A: Our food is bold, fresh, and fun! We make everything in-house, and strive to use the freshest ingredients around.

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