Nov 16 2018
Jenn Mar
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For a time, Bobby Mirabello circled our Boston office with a cardboard cutout in the shape of a desk. He placed the cutout alongside hallways and corners. When a eureka moment came, he wedged in a desk.

Bobby, our facilities manager, was working to solve a problem for us at ezCater. For years space has been a constant issue. How do you fit a thriving startup into an office space it won’t outgrow?

For Bobby Mirabello, the problem was like a jigsaw puzzle that grew more complicated as our company flourished. To house 375 employees in a shared office space, he constantly had to reinvent the space to make room for more employees.

We awarded our facilities manager Bobby Mirabello with the ezCater "grow fast" cupcake to celebrate his hard work.

Facilities management requires Bobby to open his mind about how to use space and where to put people. How can you ensure that an office runs smoothly and that employees are comfortable? Can several office floors be reorganized without inconveniencing staff or disrupting schedules? This work requires considerable imagination. People who get stuck on parameters may struggle to invent a new arrangement. But Bobby Mirabello has the mind to do it. Recently he did some long-range planning to secure a better solution for our Boston office: a flexible workspace with room for up to 750 employees.

This month we awarded Bobby with our ezCater “grow fast” cupcake in recognition of his hard work. Bobby’s inventiveness, dedication, and speed are extensions of our company’s DNA. We spoke with Bobby one afternoon about his role at ezCater.

We awarded our facilities manager Bobby Mirabello with the ezCater "grow fast" cupcake to celebrate his hard work.

What do you do at ezCater?

I’m ezCater’s facilities manager. At the macro level I make sure we have the right space at the right time and maximize its efficiency. So, I’m responsible for the relationships we have with our landlords, scouting for new spaces, managing construction projects, and things like that. It’s all to ensure that our locations run smoothly and that our team is empowered to keep achieving great things.

How did you end up working at ezCater?

So, I went to Boston Architectural College after attending a technical high school where I studied architecture—architectural drafting, really. Starting out, I majored in architecture. My grandfather was an architect. So, I’ve been around this my whole life. When I was younger I would go to job sites with him, kind of review plans. I would trace his architectural plans instead of color as a kid. I always had it in mind that that was my trajectory.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work in similar roles at several Boston-area tech companies. I was most interested in commercial spaces—hotels, workplaces. They impact a larger number of people. And, for selfish reasons, I prefer to work with corporations and hotels because they tend to spend a little bit more on design and they have a more open mind. It’s more creativity as a designer.

The opportunity to join ezCater really intrigued me. I was delighted by the company culture, the energy and enthusiasm of everyone that I met during my interview process. I remember leaving the office thinking, “I’ve never met such an intelligent, exuberant, and passionate team!”

We awarded our facilities manager Bobby Mirabello with the ezCater "grow fast" cupcake to celebrate his hard work.

What does your typical day look like, working at ezCater?

One thing I enjoy most about my role is that there truly is no “typical” day. I could be walking through the construction site for our new Boston office, giving tours to potential subtenants in our current space, checking in with the project team for our ongoing Denver office buildout, researching vendors, emptying the dishwasher, attending our company social Beer o’clock, and anything that comes up.

What about working at ezCater most excites you?

The ability to impact the whole company. I’ve always been taken by how physical space can inform someone’s emotion or ability to do something. I think of design holistically as a journey. It’s not just something that you experience with one sense. Designers try to think of space at a macro level. Say you’re walking through space. How does it make you feel? How does that inform your ability to do this type of work? This is how I try to look at it: What would I like to see? What would make me happy in a workplace? What would make me excited to come to a space every day?

Interested in working with Bobby at ezCater? We’d love for you to join us.

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