Jan 22 2019
Jenn Mar
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Some mornings we crave crispy bacon and eggs, and other mornings we want fragrant Mexican street food. Luckily Minneapolis offers great choices for early morning nosh sessions. If you need breakfast at work, you can easily get some of the best breakfast catering spreads delivered to your office. Whether you want a fragrant chorizo sausage and egg burrito or just an exquisite fine-crumb pastry, we’ve got some of the best restaurants catering breakfast to offices in Minneapolis.

1. Corner Coffee (W. 28th St., Minneapolis)

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Corner Coffee has rolled all the elements of a classic American breakfast into a portable sandwich that’s perfect for early morning meetings. They make a melty bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on a toasty bagel or a flaky croissant. It doesn’t matter whether you’re feeding the jokesters in your department or a boardroom of serious-minded clients; people get very excited about these sandwiches.

2. Rascals Bar and Grill (147th St. W., Apple Valley)

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If you’re catering a snazzy event to impress some powerful players, your best bet is breakfast from Minneapolis’s Rascals Bar and Grill. They can help you to tackle a delicious breakfast or brunch in style. They craft a buttery quiche with a very tender, rich crust. Their many breakfast spreads include all the works—and you’ll want their cheesy, crisp hash browns.

3. La Tapatia (Wilson Ave., Saint Paul)

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La Tapatia’s Mexican sandwiches (called tortas) are nothing to scoff at. A generous portion of soft scrambled eggs and spiced meat hangs over a toasted roll, which also cradles a generous amount of cheese and avocado. If you want those flavors wrapped in a tortilla, try their real-deal breakfast burritos.

best breakfast catering in Minneapolis
Best breakfast catering in Minneapolis

4. D. Brian’s Deli & Catering (S. 9th St., Minneapolis)

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People are suckers for eggs, crisp bacon, and golden hash browns. D. Brian’s Deli & Catering’s Grand Breakfast Buffet delivers all of that. Minus the eating in pajamas, their breakfast catering spreads feel as easy as a Sunday morning. (For lighter fare, try their yogurt parfait with fruit and granola.)

5. Tropical Smoothie Cafe (Egan Dr., Savage)

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If you’ve got a morning meeting on your hands, go for a handheld breakfast. Tropical Smoothie Cafe crafts cheesy, eggy breakfast wraps that’ll make it easy for the note-takers on your team to take, well, notes. Their All-American wrap is layered with meats and cheese. Their peanut-butter flatbread is a modern version of that well-loved combination of peanut butter and banana—plus, a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of granola for wonderful crunch.

6. Ginelli’s Pizza (S. 8th St., Minneapolis)

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No, pizza doesn’t have to be lunch or dinner. It just has to taste good. Ginelli’s Pizza caters some of most intriguing breakfast pizza combinations. Their breakfast pizza layers savory morning staples, like eggs and country gravy, on a crisp crust bubbling with cheese. Their apple-pie pizza, with cinnamon-dusted apples and caramel sauce, is delicious.

7. Sammy’s Avenue Eatery (W. Broadway Ave., Minneapolis)

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Every so often all we want is to indulge in flaky, buttery pastries. Sammy’s Avenue Eatery offers a breakfast spread overflowing with pastries and fruit. At just $3.75 per pastry and fruit portion, it’s a solid move, especially if you’re working with an office budget or need to feed large crowds.

8. SSSDude Nutz (Como Ave. SE, Minneapolis)

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SSSDude Nutz is one of the best places in Minneapolis for breakfast catering spreads of doughnuts. Their doughnuts are craggy and crunchy on the outside, tender and moist on the inside. Just about every one of their treats is coated with an obscene amount of crunchy toppings—sweet and savory bits. Their Hipster Lumberjack doughnut is glazed with maple syrup and topped with bacon crumbs. They’ve also got doughnuts adorned with crushed Oreos, Fruity Pebbles, and Cocoa Puffs.

Best breakfast catering in Minneapolis | SSSDude Nutz’s doughnuts

9. Local Roots (E. 66th St., Minneapolis)

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Breakfast burritos are the easiest way to get on your team’s good side. Local Roots offers everything your team needs to build their own breakfast burritos, including warm tortillas, scrambled eggs and sausage, and crisp potatoes. The gorgeous spread will dazzle all those sleepy-eyed colleagues moseying in at nine.

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