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Wake up, America! According to the brains at Harvard’s School of Public Health, we need more sources of hydration than caffeine and water—especially in the morning. Yes, good ol’ H2O replenishes fluids lost to metabolizing breakfast burritos and sweating through stressful morning meetings. Plain coffee and tea bring calorie-free antioxidants and other goodies into the bod, too. But, in this day and age, a healthy breakfast drink doesn’t have to be so plain. Try these trending on-the-go beverages and breakfast drinks recipes, instead. They’ve got more mojo than matcha, and are far cooler than your average cold brew.

Kombucha Krazy

Wake up, America, to these trending healthy breakfast drinks (recipes, too).

There’s been a lot of chatter about fermentation in the food world. Recently, 2,050 dietitians ranked the gut-friendly prep method as a top food trend for 2018—higher even than avocados. (Crazy, right?) Enter the healthy breakfast drink kombucha, a bubbly tea best sipped while bracingly cold. Kombucha can taste like almost anything—you can find flavors like Koffee, Heart Beet, Mystic Mango, and Gingerade from Living Foods in grocery stores across the country. Small breweries also offer kombucha on tap or for delivery, like Bio Cafe in San Francisco and Mombucha in Brooklyn. Curious and crafty? Try DIY kombucha breakfast drinks recipes with this excellent tutorial from The Kitchn.

Turmeric-Toned Morning, Anyone?

Wake up, America, to these trending healthy breakfast drinks (recipes, too).

Curious about the “golden lattes” cropping up on cafe menus? These sunset-hued stunners take inspiration from Ayurvedic medicine, which promises anti-inflammatory benefits from ingredients like ginger, cinnamon, honey, and almond milk. Fast track your breakfast drinks with easy, make-your-own recipes mix from Numi Organic Tea, or bug your local barista for a taste of the sweet stuff.

Oats Over Almonds

Wake up, America, to these trending healthy breakfast drinks (recipes, too).

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Do you swap out soy or have angst about almonds? According to the New York Times, “baristas are bullish” for oat milk’s clean taste and frothy, thick foam. Plus, oats require one-sixth the amount of the water to grow that almonds do, making it a far greener option. The fast-growing Oatly is making such a high-quality product that Starbucks now offers oat milk as a dairy-free mixer in their UK stores. Specialty shops in the U.S. are quickly swapping the stuff in, too. Keep an eye out. It’s a healthy breakfast drink ingredient that’s easy to choose in the name of your body—and the planet.

Mushroom Mania
Wake up, America, to these trending healthy breakfast drinks (recipes, too).

Buddhist monks used the healing power of reishi, lion’s mane, and chaga mushrooms to help them focus in meditation. Now, these fungi can help you get through an endless day of meetings, too. NeuRoast and Four Sigmatic are both peddling a healthy breakfast drink made from mushrooms, from caffeine-free mushroom drink mixes to coffee bean blends you can whip up at home. Want to go straight to the source? Blend Wild Foods mushrooms directly into your favorite breakfast drinks recipes for extra staying power.

DIY-Meets-Delivery Smoothies

Wake up, America, to these trending healthy breakfast drinks (recipes, too).

The conundrum? Home smoothie-making might be healthy, but it requires loads of ingredients and tons of chopping—first thing in the morning, too. Emerging DIY-delivery companies like Green Blender and Daily Harvest offer compelling solutions. Their perfectly portioned frozen blends might taste like a chai latte, but they’re actually packed with fruits and veggies like coconut and cauliflower. This may be the next big thing in the healthy breakfast drink world. Try it, and let us know.

Foggy Bottoms

Wake up, America, to these trending healthy breakfast drinks (recipes, too).

[Peet’s Coffee | Instagram]

Unicorn lattes may be so 2017, but ombre color schemes still have staying power. Enter the fog—a healthy breakfast drink that combines flavors and layers resembling the pastel hues of an eternal sunset. The trend extends to both coffee and tea—Peet’s Coffee recently released a line of iced-tea fogs nationwide, including a coconut cold brew and wildberry hibiscus.

Coffee Cola

Wake up, America, to these trending healthy breakfast drinks (recipes, too).

Think coffee, cola, and citrus can’t mix and mingle? Think again. Keepers flash-brews perfectly roasted coffee beans, then stirs in a touch of fresh-pressed citrus and a healthy dose of carbonated water. The result? A unique mashup of two flavors that shouldn’t work together—but somehow do. Perhaps you’re in an old-school Italiano mood, instead? Manhattan Special has pumped espresso into coffee soda since 1895—which just proves that everything old is new again.

Need more than a breakfast beverage?

Try a smoothie bowl

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