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It’s time to return to what Thrillist describes as the “glorious trinity of cheese, sauce, and carbs.” Yup, we’re talking pizza. Not the everyday slice that’s nothing special. But our favs: pies that are cheesy, a little saucy, and topped with unique ingredients. Today, pizzerias take their cooking extremely seriously, expressing themselves through technique and topping combinations. Even California Pizza KitchenPapa John’s, and Uno Pizzeria aren’t interested in easy ways out and offer tons of styles. To help make the choice easier, here are seven types of pizza that define perfection.

1. Neapolitan, the Godfather of All Pizzas

different types of pizza

The pizza we know today hails from the 18th-century original that started in Naples. Their famed flatbread—topped with tomatoes, cheese, oil, and garlic—evolved into all types of pizza beloved today. Thin-crust Neapolitan is light on toppings and delicate to handle. The crust handles oven charring beautifully, and its texture makes fresh ingredients sing. The pizza makes a fragrant call to lunch no one refuses.

2. The New Yorker, America’s Upgrade

different types of pizza

The slightly thicker crust of a New York-style pizza means you can fold the slice in half and chow down. The pizza handles more cheese and toppings, too, while keeping that delectable char. If things are bustling at the office, throw out the cutlery and order some pizza catering for a speedy meal.

3. The Serious Sicilian

different types of pizza

Made for holidays in Sicily, the spongy, bready dough of the Sicilian can handle heavy meats and cheeses. The pizza pairs perfectly with salad. But it also makes a great focaccia-like side for Italian entrées, too, especially when it’s lightly topped with garlic and fresh tomatoes.

4. Chicago, Chicago!different types of pizza

The Chicago’s buttery crust is thicker than most other types of pies, but it’s thinner than you’d expect from a pan pizza. Expect to find layers of sliced cheese, toppings, and thick, bubbly sauce. With so many surprises in one pizza, the Chicago-style pie is perfect for catering—what’s better than friendly conversation and communal dining around pizza?

5. I’m Stuffed

different types of pizza

A variation on the Chicago-style, stuffed pizzas have a thick, slightly sweet, and sturdy crust. There are two crusts, in fact! Cheese and a cake pan’s worth of toppings collide in the pie, then a finish of sauces goes over the top. It’s a Where’s Waldo experience as you discover surprises with every bite.

6. It’s All Greek to Me

different types of pizza

For a pizza-catering option that is bound to tempt the team, get a Greek-style pie. The puffy, chewy crust comes topped with a thick, tangy tomato paste laced with oregano. You’ll love the wafting aroma of olive oil.

7. California Dreaming

different types of pizza

Healthy eating is mainstream nowadays, but if there’s fennel, smoked salmon, arugula, or any fresh market vegetable on your pie, it’s because of the California pizza original that started in California in the 1980s. When it comes to fueling the office, individually portioned California-style pies are the way to go—the perfect blend of healthy ingredients and indulgence.

Cheese Out on These Trends

different types of pizza

Please, eat all the types of pizza you can get your hands on. But if you find the following trends in your local pizza shop or catering joint, get a jump on it.

  • Wood-Fired: Some say pizza isn’t “authentic” unless it’s cooked in brick ovens heated by wood or charcoal. More places are making a return to this tradition. Try it in Boston, MA.
  • Breakfast Pizza: Put bacon and a sunny-side-up egg on a cheesy crust, and you’ve got pizza for breakfast! It’s even better with crumbled sausage, too! Try it in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Grilled: Brush the crust with oil and slide it on a grate over coals. The flavors of charred crust and melty cheese come together on this pizza in a flash. Try it in Indianapolis, IN.
  • Indian: A standard crust topped with creamy saag paneer or fiery tandoori chicken? Yes, please! Try it in San Francisco, CA.
  • Sushi: Start with a cracker-like crust. Then comes a sauce of miso paste or anchovy aioli, and fresh spicy salmon or tuna. Try it in Medford, MA.

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