Sep 17 2018
Julie Perrine
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Are your employees dragging? Does your office devolve into a whiny mess every afternoon when everyone’s blood sugar collectively drops and people hit their 2 p.m. “hangry” stage? Have you noticed an increase in absenteeism, or a decline in productivity even when you have a full staff? If so, it may be time to implement some workplace wellness ideas.

No one can do their best work when they don’t feel 100 percent. But all too often, modern workplaces leave wellness up to their employees, who may not feel empowered to tell their managers exactly what they need. These workplace wellness ideas can transform an office of burned-out workers into a thriving, productive environment.

Encouraging your employees to eat regularly and enjoy healthy snacks and meals are just a couple ways to promote workplace wellness.

1. Stay Active

Workplace wellness ideas: Encourage employees to stay active

No one loves being stationary for eight straight hours. Instead, encourage your workers to take a lap around the office, walk to a nearby coffee shop for a pick-me-up, or even just get in some leg stretches and chair squats while they sit at their desk. Standing desks, yoga balls, and treadmill desks or desk cycles can also keep employees active, healthier, and more focused.

2. A Time of Rest

Workplace wellness ideas: Provide a “rest room” for employee naps

Believe it or not, more and more companies are allowing their employees to take naps during working hours. A 20-30 minute nap provides plenty of positive benefits, including an increased attention span, a higher level of productivity, and of course, a happier employee. Not quite ready to green-light sleeping on the job? Consider providing a cool, quiet space where your employees can relax for a few minutes away from ringing phones and chatty co-workers.

3. Snack-Size Bites of Health

Encouraging your employees to eat regularly and enjoy healthy snacks and meals are just a couple ways to promote workplace wellness.

Workplace wellness ideas: Offer healthy snacking and catering options

The famous Snickers ad gets it right when it says “You’re not ‘you’ when you’re hungry.” But we’re going to posit that a sugar-laden chocolate bar probably isn’t the healthiest way to placate a hangry employee. Instead, offer a selection of fresh fruits and veggies, nuts, and other healthy options to keep your workers satisfied between meals. Planning a working lunch or a catered meeting? Keep it light. A heavy meal will have everyone longing for a nap—company-sanctioned or otherwise!

4. Time to Flex

Workplace wellness ideas: Provide gym memberships (and time to use them)

Company-subsidized gym memberships are a great way to promote workplace wellness. Not every business has the room to provide an onsite place to work out, but most major fitness chains offer company discounts, making it an inexpensive job perk. But it’s not enough just to hand out keycards and hope your employees will use them. Instead, implement a system where every employee has a certain amount of flex time per month that can be used to come in late, leave early, or take an extended lunch break so they can get in their reps.

5. “Healthy” Competition

Workplace wellness ideas: Have a bit of “healthy” competition

Nothing incentivizes workplace wellness like a friendly rivalry. Develop some fun competitions designed to get your employees moving more, eating healthier, and collaborating better. Which department took the most collective steps last week? Which team had more people take the stairs than the elevator? Keep the contests secret and spur-of-the-moment. The element of surprise will encourage people to keep up the healthy habits on a daily basis!

Workplace wellness programs increase productivity. According to, each employee who participates in these programs saves employers $353 annually in productivity costs alone. Multiply that by your entire workforce, and the return on your investment can be huge!

Tired, stressed, hungry, or generally unwell employees can’t perform at their productive best. When you implement workplace wellness ideas, everyone benefits!

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