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Sure, Seattle pours rain. But in the “land of the local” you can fuel up with healthy offerings that you’ll be excited to eat. Because the best healthy food in Seattle isn’t all about salad. While plant-based options abound in the Emerald City, you don’t have to be a good vegan to be psyched to eat these dishes. In fact, you may find that their flavors rival some of the best. Plus, they’ll leave you energized and raring to go. So, if you’re looking for the best healthy catering in Seattle, look to these five spots for knockout food. Get hungry. Eat. Once energized, get going again.

1. HeartBeet Organic Superfoods Cafe (NE 65th St., Seattle)

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Feeling drained of, well, energy? Try water from a fresh-hacked coconut. Or a green juice charged with ginger and parsley, to superfood your day back to productivity! Hearty salads and grain bowls loaded with fun ingredients like toasted coconut, fragrant cashews, or creamy Thai sauce will do the job, too. Then indulge in desserts that don’t taste healthy at all. If you’re serving catering to those with dietary restrictions, Seattle, know that HeartBeet is a great option.

2. Sweetgrass Food Co. (7th Ave., Seattle)

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Bowls, bowls! Get your grains bowls and greens here! This Seattle joint stays on trend with healthy food bowls that feature the best of the best. Start with a base of rice, quinoa, barley, or leafy greens. Choose the crunchy, creamy toppings you want, for flavor combinations that make the buzzwords (“local, sustainable, organic”) sweet, indeed.

3. Pokéworks (Third Ave., Seattle)

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Looking to shake up your lunch and learn? Seattleites, treat your team to this food trend: poke, which is great in a bowl, but best when there’s a healthy mountain of it, in a poke bar! It all starts with a base of greens, kale noodles, or grains. Choose a protein, like glazed fish (or chicken, for the fish-averse). The seasoned toppings, like garlic crisps and seaweed salad, transport you all the way to Aloha-land.

4. Café Yumm! (Pine St., Seattle)

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Ordering the best healthy food in Seattle is easy with the popular bento boxes, skewers, and casseroles of Café Yumm! Think flavorful rice and bean options, chicken and meat-free proteins made with teriyaki glaze. This Seattle catering spot stands for easy ordering—and good, healthful eating, too.

5. Verve Bowls (E. Pine St., Seattle)

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When long work hours make healthful eating a challenge, bring the smoothie bar to the office with this Seattle-catering crowd-pleaser. Those who want the best healthy food in Seattle will get it, at Verve Bowl. Especially because their smoothies are made with special ingredients like house-made almond milk and dragonfruit. Everyone will love the beautiful presentation, the sweet fruit flavors of the bowls and drinks, and the crunch of the granola açai bowls. Sip your smoothie and be happy and energized—it’ll change your mood, and you’ll be revved for the day.

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