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Sam LaGrassa's
44 Province St, Boston, MA
Sam LaGrassa's
Sam LaGrassa's
Sam LaGrassa's
Sam LaGrassa's
Sam LaGrassa's
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Recent Sam LaGrassa's Reviews
Kerry in Weymouth, MA — Posted Thu 04/17/14
The fruit salad was so refreshing and a nice change from regular salad
Betty in Natick, MA — Posted Thu 04/10/14
Sandwiches are always delicious and the desert bars are phenomenal
Kerry in Woburn, MA — Posted Tue 04/08/14
Always a hit! Best sandwiches around!! Never late!
Denise in Boston, MA — Posted Tue 04/01/14
Sandwiches /desserts were spectacular! Would order from Sam LaGrassa's again.
Kerry in Burlington, MA — Posted Thu 03/27/14
Once I introduce Sam's to an office, they request it each time I cater in lunch!!!