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Ruby Tuesday
5065 Main St, Trumbull, CT
Hot Catering, Sandwiches
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday
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Recent Ruby Tuesday Reviews
Liz in Norwalk, CT — Posted Fri 04/11/14
Great feedback from physician and staff...they liked variety and options provided by ruby tuesday
Liz in Trumbull, CT — Posted Mon 04/07/14
A great lunch...office liked having the fruit and thought the chicken was fabulous
Liz in Bridgeport, CT — Posted Tue 03/25/14
The food was great, however I usually order the fruit bowl and this is the first time I had seen it mixed with yogurt. It didn't look appetizing because the yogurt was a bit soupy. That's my only complaint. The rest was great.
Gwen in Trumbull, CT — Posted Mon 03/17/14
Delivery was a bit late but food was good.
Liz in Trumbull, CT — Posted Fri 03/07/14
Office loved the sandwiches, and the spring rolls. Overall they were impressed with the entire lunch!