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Ruby Tuesday
100 Tiger Way, Georgetown, KY
Hot Catering, Sandwiches
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday
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Recent Ruby Tuesday Reviews
Jean in Lexington, KY — Posted Mon 03/31/14
Everything was great the potato bar was a hit. Great lunch & delivery, everything was excellent!
Jean in Lexington, KY — Posted Wed 03/19/14
Great Delivery, everything was on time and great. The young lady was very nice and pleasant.
Jean in Lexington, KY — Posted Wed 03/12/14
The food was great and service was prefect. My clients loved the chicken wraps sandwiches. Thank You
Jane in Lexington, KY — Posted Thu 01/16/14
Office loved the lunch, thanks! On time and good food
Mark in Lexington, KY — Posted Tue 01/14/14
The on-time delivery proved to be an office favorite. One comment was that having a sauce for the ribs would have been a nice touch. Nevertheless, the meat was still tender and fell off the bone. Very, very good food.