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Ruby Tuesday
4203 Washington Rd, Evans, GA
Hot Catering, Sandwiches
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday
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Recent Ruby Tuesday Reviews
Courtney in Thomson, GA — Posted Tue 04/08/14
Great food and the office loved it. Always consistent!
Jane in Evans, GA — Posted Thu 03/27/14
meat was great, and plenty, but greenbeans was half a quart and suppose to feed 10 people, if all 10 people ate green beans they could get 2 beans each, so if this is the correct amount which they said it was, well they need to take a look at the amount. It was on time and warm, and very tasty.
Courtney in Augusta, GA — Posted Wed 03/19/14
This is the first time I tried their sliders as an appetizer. They were great. Very moist and flavorful. The food was on time and very consistent no matter what location I order from.
Jane in Evans, GA — Posted Tue 02/18/14
Good food, not enough green beans with the tailgate feast, did not bring BBQ sauce for the ribs, but they were still awesome!
Marichal in Evans, GA — Posted Tue 12/17/13
service and food was great as always with Ruby Tuesday!