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Plaza Catering
157 Sixth St, Cambridge, MA
Hot Catering, Sandwiches, Breakfast, Corporate Events
Plaza Catering
Plaza Catering
Plaza Catering
Plaza Catering
Plaza Catering
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Recent Plaza Catering Reviews
Jenna in Cambridge, MA — Posted Fri 04/18/14
Food was excellent, however we ordered for 12:15, and the food showed up at 11:00am on the dot! Way too early, so it kind of sat there for a while.
Jenna in Cambridge, MA — Posted Mon 04/14/14
Everything was great. Pizza was delicious per usual.
Jenna in Cambridge, MA — Posted Fri 04/11/14
They arrived 15 minutes early, and the pizza was a huge hit!! We tried Veggie, Meat Lover and Plain Cheese - all were DELICIOUS!! Salad and dressings were great too! Only complaint, is the salad was pretty tiny considering it cost $40! Next time I will need double... and $80 for salad seems pricey..
Stephanie in Woburn, MA — Posted Mon 03/03/14
Plaza catering is FANTASTIC! Never disappoints - ALWAYS makes a tasty statement!
Stephanie in Cambridge, MA — Posted Tue 02/25/14
This place is probably the BEST I've ever ordered from! The food amazing (we got fajitas) - and the drivers were on time and incredibly nice and helpful!