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On The Border
19 Commerce Way, Woburn, MA
Hot Catering, Mexican
On The Border
On The Border
On The Border
On The Border
On The Border
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Recent On The Border Reviews
Betty in Salem, MA — Posted Thu 02/27/14
Delicious fajitas so much food, lemonade was kinda of more tart than sweet but very good
Lisa in Stoneham, MA — Posted Fri 01/31/14
Great selection and food! Fajita buffet was excellent
Stephanie in Winchester, MA — Posted Thu 01/30/14
The fajitas were great although the set up didn't compare to that of MOES! That aside there queso was DELISH!
Karen in North Andover, MA — Posted Fri 12/13/13
Office was pleased. Great selections. Difficult to do Mexican in an office, they make it easy.
Carlie in Acton, MA — Posted Thu 11/21/13
Food for days! I ordered for 15 people to feed 20 and there was still tons of food left. Great portions, great food!