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Blake's Place
2905 E. Miraloma Ave, Anaheim, CA
Hot Catering, BBQ, American, Southern
Blake's Place
Blake's Place
Blake's Place
Blake's Place
Blake's Place
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Anaheim, CA
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Recent Blake's Place Reviews
Liane in Lake Elsinore, CA — Posted Tue 02/24/15
The order was delivered on the wrong day, 2 days earlier than expected. Instead of an apology and compensation, I received an email stating that ezCater was "updating the paperwork to reflect Tuesday's date" (the wrong date). My answer to this question was "very late" because "too early" was not an option. I believe the food was very good.
First in Irvine, CA — Posted Thu 01/15/15
This was the best barbeque ever!! All of our employees raved about the taste:) quality food and great Texan taste!
Lindsay in Villa Park, CA — Posted Mon 11/03/14
I normally don't take the time to write reviews, but I felt I needed to. Blake's really saved the evening for me! The food was delicious! And although I had lots of corn left over (my husband will try to finish it!) we really didn't have much else... I ordered a piece of corn for everyone, bc you never know. Blake's was right on time, if not a little early. The problem was that we were arriving after planned and it was a surprise party. I quickly sent a text to my partner in crime who called Blake's and they caught the driver who was right in the corner . The driver pulled over on the side of the street. And I breathed a sigh of relief when we passed his van and my mom was non the wiser. The surprise was the greatest! Thank you guys for the great food that everyone loved and for keeping my 4 months of lying to my mom all worth the wonderful surprise! You guys are great!