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We Send Orders

By mobile, fax, email,
web, and voice.

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You Cook & Deliver

You deliver the food,
just like you always do.

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Payment by ACH or Check

We pay twice a month, after
deducting a small commission.

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Quick Setup

Just send us your menu,
and we do all the work.

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No Sign-Up Fee

There's absolutely no
cost to join ezCater.

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No Contract

There's nothing to sign,
and you can cancel any time

We're easy to work with.
Order transmission and acceptance.
We can send orders to fax machines, email addresses, cell phones – whatever works for you. And you won't miss any orders. If we don't hear back from you, we'll track you down.
Your catering menu.
ezCater displays your regular catering menu. We never dictate how you run your business.
Option to decline any order.
We understand that you might be overbooked, or maybe your driver called off, etc. You can always decline our order. We'll find a replacement and you won't look bad.
No extras fees or mark-ups.
ezCater publishes your regular catering pricing. We charge exactly what you would charge the customer. We don't change your brand by marking up prices.
Prompt payment, twice a month.
Get paid by ACH within 2 days of the end of each period or we mail you your check within 7 days of the end of each period. Our commission is already deducted, and you get a detailed statement listing all the orders.
Your delivery area, fees, hours, and minimums.
You control where you want to deliver, when you will deliver, and how big an order needs to be. You can figure your delivery fee by distance, zip code, time of day - whatever you do, we can handle it.
A few of the great companies we help feed
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